Conroy, Conroy & Durant, P.A. approaches each of our clients’ issues with a creative, proactive, and entrepreneurial spirit allowing for solutions as comprehensive, customized, and flexible as possible. We take pride in bringing the parties together to negotiate terms favorable to our clients’ best interests and, ultimately, close the deal.

Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys represent commercial and residential developers for the acquisition, financing, construction, and development of retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, commercial and residential condominiums, condominium conversion projects, and the sale and lease of parcels and/or units within those projects. Our development-related services include the examination of title, provision of title insurance, property exchange transactions, and the formation of various business entities, including the organization of condominium and homeowners’ associations.

Residential Real Estate

We recognize that the purchase of a home is perhaps the largest expenditure that many of us make. We also understand that the sale of a home can be one of the most important transactions in which our clients participate. Whether the transaction is for a primary residence, for investment purposes, or for a long-dreamed-of vacation home, we stand by our clients from contract phase, through inspection issues, to closing to ensure each closing progresses smoothly.

Real Estate Finance

We offer and are actively engaged in almost all aspects of real estate financing, such as construction loans, leasehold financing, lines of credit, and permanent financing, throughout Lee and Collier Counties.  Our clients include institutional and private lenders for commercial loan transactions; real estate developers of apartment complexes, residential and commercial condominiums, grocery stores, and retail shopping centers; and real estate investment owners.  When representing lenders for commercial real estate loans, our firm prepares the appropriate loan documents and reviews title to ensure a valid first mortgage that will be enforceable and insured.  When representing borrowers, our goal is to negotiate fair and commercially reasonable loan documents to protect the borrower against unintentional defaults and excessive costs.

Construction Law

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in analyzing, drafting, and negotiating construction contracts allowing each client to anticipate, approach, and address the various construction issues that may arise through all phases of the construction process. We recommend conventional AIA contracts or customized construction contracts depending upon the nature of our clients’ projects. We represent commercial and residential developers and owners whose developments vary from single-family residences to multi-million dollar commercial buildings.

Condominium Law

Because a condominium establishes a type of joint-ownership, where a segment of the real property is commonly owned and the remaining property is individually owned, condominium development and ownership can often involve complicated transactions, contracts, and leases. At Conroy, Conroy, & Durant, P.A., we have the experience necessary to assist in the development or acquisition of condominiums. Additionally, a condominium declaration contains the rules and regulations to be followed by the occupiers and owners, such as the monthly fees for maintaining the common property, and a homeowners’ association is the legal entity that governs the condominium and protects the value of the condominium community. We are also expertly qualified to assist in the creation of a homeowners’ association to govern a condominium development.

We offer counsel to clients in each stage of condominium and homeowners’ association organization and ongoing existence.  We also tailor the association documents, which include covenants and restrictions, declarations, contracts, and disclosures to address the particular nuances of each project to ensure that the respective communities stay true to the developer’s concept and vision.

Corporate Law

Our attorneys work with the client’s accountant to advise clients on which form of corporate governance would best address their business needs while taking into consideration the opportunities and challenges related to corporate formation, operation, and company growth. We work with each client to understand their ideas, develop and execute their business strategy, and assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Our clients include real estate development corporations, closely held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individual investors.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Our attorneys represent both landlords and tenants in all phases of lease negotiation, formation, and administration. At Conroy, Conroy & Durant, P.A., we tailor each lease to protect our client’s real estate interests and reduce potential liabilities. Because we provide counsel to both sides of the lease transaction, we can appreciate the perspectives of each party. This allows us to be even better advocates for our clients.